It was just announced that celebrity daughter-turned-actress Dakota Johnson had landed the role of Anastasia in the upcoming 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie -- an announcement which probably has Emma Watson finally breathing a sigh of relief.

Johnson has been in a variety of films, including indie dramas and big blockbusters opposite Justin Timberlake and David Duchovny, and worked for the likes of Judd Apatow. We just hope she's ready for some BDSM to be added into her daily routine.

For more info on the actress (not to be misread as Dakota Fanning) who will be taking up the fantasy mantle for bored wives everywhere, you can peruse our list below.

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    She became interested in modeling after a photo shoot about celebrity children.

    Johnson first caught the modeling bug at the age of 12 when she was part of a photo shoot for Teen Vogue with other celebrity children.

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    She is the daughter of actress Melanie Griffith.

    She is most well-known as the daughter of actress Melanie Griffith and actor Don Johnson, who Griffith divorced in 1996.

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    Her grandmother is 'Birds' actress Tippi Hedren.

    Even more leaves on the famous family tree: Dakota's mother Melanie Griffith's mother is Tippi Hedren from the famous Alfred Hitchcock horror movies 'The Birds' -- meaning Dakota has the coolest grandma ever.

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    Her first director was step-father Antonio Banderas.

    Griffith married Antonio Banderas in 1996 (the two are still married), and it was Banderas who gave Johnson her first acting role in his film 'Crazy in Alabama,' which he directed. She acted in the movie alongside her half-sister Stella Banderas, and both played daughters to Griffith. It was a real family affair.

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    She was the first second-generation Miss Golden Globe.

    In 2006, Johnson was named Miss Golden Globe, making her the first person to take the title as a second-generation Globe carrier in Golden Globe history. Her father won a Globe in 1984 for 'Miami Vice,' her mother won one for 1988's 'Working Girl' and her grandmother won one for Most Promising Newcomer in 1964.

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    She landed a contract with IMG Models.

    Thankfully for Johnson, her dreams of becoming a model came to fruition when she was signed to the well-known IMG Models agency in 2006.

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    She has worked for fashion labels MANGO Jeans and Wish.

    Johnson's portfolio has landed her work with two fashion labels, specifically MANGO Jeans -- which picked her up as the face of their line in 2009 -- and Wish, for whom she shot a 2010 Rising Star ad campaign in Sydney, Australia.

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    She had a cameo in 'The Office' series finale.

    Despite never appearing in a single episode of 'The Office,' Johnson had a brief cameo on the series finale as Dakota, "Kevin's replacement." This was her second television role in 2013 after her short-lived sitcom 'Ben & Kate' on Fox.

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    She took down her own Facebook profile.

    As a cast member in 'The Social Network' (you might remember her as Justin Timberlake's one night stand who introduces him to Facebook), you would think Johnson would have a Facebook. Alas, she didn't like the social networking site and deleted her own account.

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    She was named one of 55 Faces of the Future.

    In 2010, Nylon Magazine named Johnson one of the 55 Faces of the Future, aka one of the 55 faces to watch out for in the coming years. And boy, did they get that one right on the money.

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