Rapper Eve, who collaborated with Gwen Stefani on some huge hit songs, spilled the beans about the No Doubt singer's pregnancy.

When the clearly intentionally (we hope, at least) awkward interviewer asked if Eve would bring any surprise duet partners onstage at her New York City show on Sept. 12, she replied, "Yeah, I don't wanna say yet, but I do have a few little surprises." Innocuous enough.

Then the interviewer asked if Stefani would be one of those "little surprises," despite a star of Stefani's magnitude likely being a huge surprise. To that end, Eve let the cat out of the bag about Stefani's bun in the oven. "She's preggers," Eve said. "I think she's chilling."

Still, it's unclear whether Eve was actually revealing the pregnancy or if she was just basing her statement off of tabloid reports of Stefani's third bambino. However, her lack of hesitation makes us think the baby talk is true -- in which case, congrats to Gwen, Gavin, Kingston and Zuma!

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