Seems Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's marriage is fine, thanks, despite that perfectly-timed picture that made it seem like Rossdale was hands-on with more than just his kids.

Earlier this week, the tabs lost their fecal matter after Rossdale was photographed with his hands on the “bottom” (read: lower back) of what was said to be his very attractive and much younger nanny during a hike with his children Zuma and Kingston.

This immediately led to speculation about buttox fondling and the rockiness of his relationship to No Doubt frontwoman Stefani, rumors which are now being denied because the super hot nanny was actually just Rossdale's super hot sister.

So, you know, it's cool. He wasn't groping the nanny's butt. It was just his sister's butt. Whew.

Radar Online revealed that the woman in the salacious (it wasn't salacious) photo was Gavin's younger sister Soraya and, as we suspected, he was just guiding her up a very steep hill during their outdoor adventure.

"All the speculation is hilarious and couldn't be further from the truth," a source said. "Gavin and Gwen are happier and more in love than ever and their marriage is absolutely rock solid. They truly have one of the happiest marriages in showbiz, or outside of showbiz for that matter!”

"It really comes to something when a guy can't go for a hike with his little sister without being accused of cheating on his wife!”

You're right, Source. It's just too bad you weren't around to spill the truthful beans beforehand. Then again, everyone should've known a rock star would never cheat on his wife. That kind of thing is totally unprecedented.