Apparently Harry Morton's type is "hot mess."

The restaurateur, who once dated Lindsay Lohan just before she really spiraled down, is now hooking up with Demi Moore.

The pair were spotted at the South Beverly Grill in Beverly Hills, where Moore, 50, wore leggings because she's internally 22, and Morton, 31, rocked a beanie.

Apparently the coupling is new, but only to us. "They have been trying to keep it a secret," a source told E! Online. "It's not a serious thing ... but it may develop into something. They have a lot of fun together and have been meeting in secret places in New York and Los Angeles."

A few months implies that there was some overlap with Moore's relationship with her former boyfriend, art dealer Vito Schnabel, who dumped her in December for being too immature.

Morton is the owner of two eateries called Pink Taco. Sounds like a classy guy. (And a rich one -- his pops is the founder of the Hard Rock Cafe chain.)

"It's no surprise that she would be attracted to him, as he's a catch," the source added. "They are just getting to know one another. [Moore is] in a really good place at the moment and is hopeful about the future."

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