David Bowie recently released his first album in a decade, and while its debut video charmed with its quirky use of Tilda Swinton, his newest one -- which includes Gary Oldman as a lecherous priest and Marion Cotillard as a scantily-clad woman with stigmata -- has royally pissed off the Catholic League.

Like that's hard to do.

In a very un-Catholic comment about the video, Bill Donohue, president of the group that Kathy Griffin once joked was just "one guy on his computer in his parents' basement," had some things to say.

"David Bowie is back, but hopefully not for long," the piece begins, calling the legendary singer "a switch-hitting, bisexual, senior citizen from London."

Much like Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' video, we expected the religious imagery in 'The Next Day' clip to anger people -- we just didn't expect anyone to use the words "bisexual" and "Londoner" as insults.

Donohue says "the video reflects the artist -- it is a mess" and rants how Bowie has yet to choose a religion but that he's at least thinking about the "Cadillac of all religions ... Roman Catholicism."

Car euphemisms, Bill? Given all the lawsuits in recent years, Catholicism seems more like the Pinto of all religions, but okay.

In any case, the Bowie video was briefly pulled from YouTube for violating its TOS, but the decision was quickly reversed and YouTube has since admitted removing the video was the "wrong call."