Since Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner are re-engaged after their 2011 split (when Harris ran off five days before the wedding), she's now been rewarded with yet another giant engagement ring.

The 26-year-old Playboy model shared a photo of her new bling, proving that she's at least considering marrying Hef on New Year's Eve as planned. Or you know, just keeping up the charade long enough to sell this ring, too.

After their initial break-up last year when she fled like she was auditioning for a sequel to 'Runaway Bride,' Harris didn't do the respectable thing and return the ring to Hugh. Instead, she auctioned it off.

Harris got $38,000 for the 3.4-carat circular cut ring at Christie's. A ring, by the way, that Hefner paid $90,000 for at the time of purchase.

Hopefully he LoJacked this one.