Halloween is a great time for adults to dress up as something they aren't without running the risk of being taken away in a straight jacket for thinking they're a superhero or a fairy or Sponge Bob Squarepants.

For some adults, it’s also a good time to openly dress as something they really are without compromising their dignity. This is clearly how the entire line of “slutty (fill in the blank)” costumes found such great success.

And once you see her costume, you can decide which type of Halloween Christina Aguilera is celebrating this year.

Before you say, “She left the house like that?!” you must know that this was how the pop star was dressed at her own Halloween party over the weekend. So, technically, no she did not leave the house looking like that.

The ‘Voice’ mentor really gets into the holiday spirit at the end of October. She has a famed history of -- we’ll call them "edgy" -- Halloween costumes. We’ve seen her as a sexy nurse, a corpse bride, Marie Antoinette, a skeleton and a pirate.

But we’ve never seen her dressed as a ... well, what the hell IS that?

We're not entirely sure. She’s got a pink curly wig. She's got a crown. There are spike-heeled boots, fishnet stockings and a tight black get-up that leaves little room for her new curves. And chances are good she was going commando.

So that clearly makes her a ... no, we still don’t know.

It looks like she just closed her eyes and started pulling stuff out of a costume box, and when she had enough to cover most of her body parts, she was all, "Let's party!"

The good news is that boyfriend Matthew Rutler was there to save her from any dragons who tried to make a move on his scantily-clad chanteuse. Because while we’re allowed to roast Christina, fire-breathing dragons apparently are not.

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