Unless you find yourself watching ridiculous amounts of cable television -- you know, like we do -- you might not know that ‘Chelsea Lately’ has moved to a new, fancier stage. This is usually a show’s way of saying, “Hey, more than three people watch me, I might need new digs.”

In celebration, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz recently rocked a rhyme in Chelsea Handler's honor -- but we're not entirely sure anything can compare to being bullied and slapped around by a wet, naked Sandra Bullock.

In the video, a very naked (and pixelated) Bullock has a somewhat aggressive confrontation with an also very naked (and even more pixelated) Handler about the kinds of things she’s doing with her show.

Seems Oprah sent Sandy in her stead with a message about being a respectable talk show host, and Bullock said the missive came “directly from Oprah’s mouth to my ear, to my mouth, out of my mouth into your ear, down your body out your vagina, up my vagina and out my ass.”

Oprah also apparently thinks Chelsea’s a disappointment, has a responsibility to be a role model, and should stop sleeping with the guests so she can be an inspiration to all women. Bullock even slaps Chelsea a few times, just to put an exclamation point on things.

You know, the more we watch this, the less sure we are that Oprah even sent this message. Maybe it was simply an excuse for someone to get two hot, wet, naked chicks together in the same place. Or maybe Sandra just really wanted to smack Chelsea around.

Either way? A perfectly good use of our time.

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