"Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" is one of our favorite skits on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' and in honor of the six-year anniversary of Twitter coming up (time sure flies when you're talking about what you ate for lunch), the late night show released the third installment of the very funny gag.

If you couldn't figure out what the video could possibly contain because the title is just that confusing, the premise is this: Throughout the year, Jimmy Kimmel's staff films celebrity guests reading and occasionally responding to nasty tweets about themselves.

And you thought no one was paying attention to all those insulting comments you've been sending.

The majority of the tweets are both are cutting and creative, with missives like "Selena Gomez is on the radio right now. Is there a volume lower than mute?" and "I saw Larry King at dinner! But it might have just been a run of the mill goblin."

Some guests take the time to respond to the tweets with either confusion or equal parts hilarity and indignation.

For example, after reading his insulting tweet ("You my friend are a #d---"), Simon Cowell responds, "Actually, that's one of the nicest things anybody's ever said about me. I've got a bit of a lump in my throat now, thank you. Because I really am a d---."

"My asian orthodontist says Jessica Biel has horse teeth" is met with Biel's best horse impression. (It's pretty good. We think she's been practicing.)

Anderson Cooper responds with a big “F-- you!” to the tweet, "I am not being mean but why does Anderson Cooper remind me of dinosaurs?!?!?" Because dude, everyone knows calling a gay guy old is worse than insulting Judy Garland.

The segment ends with some words from Bryan Cranston, best known on television right now for his role as teacher-turned-meth-king-pin Walter White on 'Breaking Bad.'

After reading, "Malcolm In The Middle? More like mushy in the middle. Lose some weight Heisenberg!" Cranston laughs and says, "I've had a good chuckle over that one,” before adding the sinister, “I'm coming after you @TXGRIZZ."

Let that be a lesson to you, Twitter users. Don't mess with the one who knocks.

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