MC Gwyneth Paltrow and DJ Jazzy Cameron Diaz -- who are reportedly BFFs after Gwynnie tired of Madonna and replaced her with a newer, young model in the form of Diaz -- recently got together to pop off a little rap for mutual friend Chelsea Handler.

And for the white guys who can't jump, don't feel bad. Turns out most white girls can't rap.

In celebration of saucy late night hostess Handler getting a new studio for her 'Chelsea Lately' talk show, Paltrow and Diaz took time out of their busy schedules hawking criminally overpriced towels on a vanity website and feeding A-Rod popcorn in public, respectively, to film this cute (?) video.

Diaz beatboxes while Gwynnie delivers most of the nasally rap, spouting off this lyrical science: "We heard you got a brand new studio / But we know you got on TV by being a ho."

Then, not only do Paltrow and Diaz accuse their girl Handler of being a drunken lush, they also drop the diss "50 Cent says you like it rough" while simulating sexual motions to further drive the point home. (You may recall that Handler and the Cent never actually admitted to dating, instead posting Twitter photos of themselves in bed together and acting coy since that type of behavior doesn't confuse or annoy people at all.)

With that mention of Fitty, the final score is Paltrow + Diaz, 1; Handler, 0. In other words, what we have here is the rich white girl equivalent of the East Coast vs. West Coast beef between Biggie and Tupac.

We'd say we kinda liked the video but we're afraid to provide too much encouragement, lest they do this again.