Today is Wednesday, Feb. 13, which also means that it's Ash Wednesday. For religious types (specifically Christians), it marks the start of Lent and means they should go to church to have ashes smudged on their foreheads.

We think, anyway.

But for fans of the 'Evil Dead' trilogy, it means an excuse to celebrate its main character, Ash, played by Bruce Campbell.

It's also a great promotion for the upcoming 'Evil Dead' remake (out shortly after Easter Sunday on Apr. 5), which Campbell himself is producing.

Campbell shared one such Ash Wednesday photo on Twitter, which features his chainsaw-handed character celebrating the holiday with his trusty boom stick. (That's a "shotgun" for you non-Deadites.)

So while Christians celebrate their extremely serious and religious day, the internet (mostly Tumblr) uses Ash Wednesday to create and reblog humorous photos and quote the cult classic franchise.

"Hail to the King, baby."