Britney Spears got herself some karma points this week.

The erstwhile 'X Factor' coach plunked down a Benjamin for a complete stranger, solidifying our desire to hug her forever.

Showbiz Spy reports that Spears saw a stranger outside of a drugstore in Los Angeles who cried out, “Please help me … I’m at the end of my rope!”

Spears, ever the Southern sweetie and Good Samaritan, heeded his request. She marched her toned legs over to a nearby ATM and withdrew $100, handing it all over to the stranger in need.

When the guy gave Spears a bear hug, she yelped out in surprise -- but she wasn't upset. However, when the manager of the drugstore heard her, he came out to survey the situation and actually tried taking the money from the man and returning it to Spears.

A witness said, “But Britney said, ‘No! No! Give this man his money back! I gave it to him!’"

The spy added, “She’s often seen as a wacky diva, but most times her heart’s in the right place.”

And so is her wallet.