It's good to have a hobby, but we're not so sure if Jonathan Lee Riches' penchant for filing ridiculous fake lawsuits against celebrities and public figures is a productive one.

But amusing? Sometimes, since the latest one punked Radar Online and everyone -- including us -- who repeated it. (Mea culpa.)

Riches has a long history of crazy lawsuits and such (we'll get into that in a minute), but his most recent suit came to light yesterday. In it, he claimed to be Chris Federline, brother of Britney Spears' ex-husband Kevin, and said he himself fathered their son Sean Preston. He also accused Spears of credit card fraud.

The lawsuit was real, but the charges themselves were not, and they were dropped on Dec. 20 -- two days after the suit was filed.

Riches was recently released from federal prison earlier this year after 10 years behind bars for conspiracy and wire fraud. He recently had his five-year probation revoked for leaving the state of Pennsylvania to visit the home of Adam Lanza -- who was responsible for those horrific school shootings in Newton, Conn.

Not only did Riches videotape that visit and put it on YouTube, claiming Lanza was under mind-control by the Illuminati, he also said he was Jonathan Lanza, the shooter's uncle. The news media was sucked in by that one, and he gave on-camera interviews, created a memorial site and prayed for his deceased “nephew."

During his first incarceration, Riches spent his time in the clink filing hundreds of fake lawsuits, and continued the practice after his release -- including one in which he claimed to be Selena Gomez's father and sued Justin Bieber for a variety of things, including stealing Riches' credit card to get himself a penis enlargement.

The fake Chris Federline suit had some similar characteristics in that it targeted a high-profile celebrity and included Riches' obsession with his obviously small peen. In the suit, the faux Federline alleged that Britney Spears mocked his tiny member.

(The lawsuits may be bunk, but we liked that part so we don't care if it's true. We're going to believe it anyway.)

A judge dropped the latest charges based on three other court documents he had in his possession from Riches. Two of the cases listed members of the Kardashian family as defendants, and a third was filed under the false name Jonathan Jolie (a supposed cousin of Angelina Jolie). He was suing Brad Pitt, John Travolta and the Church of Scientology for assault.

In that suit, Riches claimed to be “hiding at the Italian Embassy in New York for protection" and "wearing a mask,” and he included a photo of himself in the aforementioned mask holding a copy of his own mug shot.

Someone needs to cut off this guy's access to legal documents and give him a padded cell. Or at least a reality show.

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