Real housewife Brandi Glanville has been bitching about the affair between her now ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and country “singer” LeAnn Rimes for the past four years -- but it turns out that she may have been the one who cheated first.

Multiple sources (whom we suspect may be on Rimes' payroll) told Us Weekly that Glanville stepped out on Cibrian multiple times during their eight-year-marriage. According to one insider, she even had sex in her marital bedroom with an unidentified man just six weeks after giving birth to son Jake.

"Brandi loves to play the victim, but she doesn't tell the whole story," a source confided.

Not that any of these tales of infidelity make Cibrian's actions okay. Regardless of what (or who) his wife did, he was still in the wrong. Seems she was just equally wrong.

The moral of this story? Everyone involved is a horrible person. And Brandi Glanville needs to return her revenge vagina.

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