Hey, look what we dug up in the lost and found: Winona Ryder!

You remember Ryder, right? She’s the star whose sizzling career and equally sizzling front-page personal life made her the poster child for a generation dealing with ‘90s angst ('Reality Bites,' anyone?).

Basically, Ryder was Taylor Swift before T-Swizzle picked up her first magic marker to write a song about having her heart broken by a boy in the sandbox during recess in kindergarten.

Then, with the turn of the millennium, Ryder’s fortunes began to fade, mostly due to an embarrassing shoplifting conviction and movies that didn’t do well (cough, cough, ‘Autumn in New York’).

Over an eight-year period stretching from the late ‘80s into the ‘90s, Ryder made a whopping 16 films, which wore her down more than a screening of ‘Autumn in New York.’ (Seriously – have you seen it? Oof.)

"I worked very hard, and it took its toll," she recently told Yahoo Movies. But looking back, I just feel very, very fortunate."

The two-time Oscar nominee also admitted she had a quasi-Benjamin Button dilemma to wrestle with in her heyday, noting, "Even in the height of everything in the '90s -- even though I was the right age, I didn't look the right age. I dealt with the age issue on the other side of not looking like I'm old enough."

Ryder’s workload has slowed down considerably and she now says she’s picky about which roles she takes.

"I am very happy in my life, very interested in other things,” she revealed. “So it takes something special. I'm not interested in playing the girl that's just there to make the guy, you know, give him a talking to."

It's gotta hurt that Jennifer Lawrence is now pocketing roles she once scored with the frequency John Mayer snatches digits at the Grammys -- but hey, things change.

That said, Ryder feels like it’s harder to break into showbiz today, adding, "I don't know if I was very young if I could go into it today with the way that it's changed and the instant access and the internet and everything.” (Translation: If she was busted shoplifting now, things would be a helluva lot worse.)

Winona now lives in San Francisco and shuns interviews for the most part, although she has been making the rounds for her newest film, ‘The Iceman,’ which also stars Michael Shannon, Chris Evans and 'Friends' star David Schwimmer (hello there, fellow long-lost ‘90s icon!).

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