Ben Affleck won big at the Directors Guild of America Awards last night (Feb. 2) ... and he may have his daughters to thank for it.

Affleck nabbed the top prize at the DGAs for 'Argo,' making him only the seventh director since 1948 to win the Best Director for a Feature Film title without also winning the Best Director Oscar. Because, well, he wasn't nominated for that.

The flick, which was based on true events, has been on a winning streak for every award for which it did get a nod, winning trophies from the Producers Guild Awards, Critics Choice Awards, SAG Awards and Golden Globes.

Affleck wasn't too bent out of shape about the snub though, telling press last night, "You're not entitled to win anything. You're not entitled to anything in life ... I'm thrilled and honored -- that the Academy nominated me as a producer for the movie ... It's okay. I'm really lucky. I'm in a great place."

He can thank his little girls for that. Affleck attended the show with "I <3 Papa Good Luck" written on his hand.

Dude. So. Cute.

If worse comes to worst at some point, he and Leonardo DiCaprio can just sit together at every awards ceremony. If their histories are any indicators, they won't need aisle seats at the Oscars.

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