It's widely documented that Ben Affleck is gunning for the title of Best Dad Ever. As a result, if you make his kids cry, it's not going to end well for you.

The Best Director winner has been under a lot more paparazzi scrutiny since the 2013 Oscars, and somewhat understandably so -- he's a much bigger marquee name now. But apparently the packs of wolves still think it's appropriate to pounce even when he's carrying his tots around. Not cool, guys.

When photos surfaced of Affleck holding his four-year-old daughter Seraphina on Friday (Feb. 28), in some shots he appeared to be kicking the photogs -- but that's not what went down at all. (You can see the shots here -- we're not posting them on principle.)

Sources close to the 'Argo' star told TMZ that the swarms of photographers were scaring his daughter, who began to cry. Since his arms were occupied from holding her, he swung his leg out to demonstrate how far they should stand back from the father-daughter duo.

Affleck is generally regarded as one of the nicer guys in Hollywood (something he has in common with BFF Matt Damon), so his story is more than plausible. Not only that, but he's a protective papa bear -- so chances are he knows it'd also be incredibly unwise to start a physical fight while carrying a kid to begin with. Just as it'd be incredibly unwise to threaten a cub when Papa Bear is right next to her.

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