As a journalist, Katie Couric has had to anticipate some of the world's most unlikely events, but one thing she never saw coming? Amy Schumer.

On last night's Tonight Show (July 15), Schumer shared the story of meeting the former TODAY anchor and talk show host for the first time at Glamour's Women of the Year event (which was also host to one of the comedian's most gloriously lewd speeches). Evidently, Couric, who declared herself a fan of the Inside Amy Schumer star, said she loved humor — so when the ladies sat down to dinner, Amy decided to prove just how funny she could be.

After engaging in a rousing "bread-off" with Mindy Kaling, Schumer said she noticed Couric get up from the table to meet her husband, John Molner. When Schumer saw Couric's phone unattended—and open to a text thread with Molner—she took action.

"Don't worry, I didn't do anything," Schumer assures Fallon in the clip above. "Except I picked it up, and without even thinking, texted him 'I want to have anal tonight.'" And you thought the salsa dancer emoji was provocative.

"I show Mindy, and I go, 'Look what happened!'" Schumer continues. "She's like 'What do you mean, what happened? You did that!'"

Schumer explains that about a minute after the message had been sent, Couric and Molner returned to the table and insisted they had to leave for the evening. Wonder what came over them...

Watch the clip, see how Amy handles a game of "Would You Rather" and be sure to catch her Trainwreck in theaters this weekend!

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