Hilary Duff just released a compilation of footage set to the track "My Kind" that gives fans an idea of all the effort and preparation that goes into her live performances.

A standout track like "My Kind" deserves an official music video as good as the song itself, and we'll admit we're a bit disappointed with this one. Instead, we get three minutes and 25 seconds worth of behind-the-scenes footage: Hilary practices with her vocal coach, she pets a dog and then another dog shows up. She eventually walks down a winding staircase, gets into her car and winds up at a dance studio, while wearing pants that don’t allow for much comfort when participating in any type of strenuous movement.

She performs some choreography with her dance instructor until her backup dancers show up and then...that's it. The video finds its abrupt end after Hilary gets back into her car. There isn’t even a gradual fade to black or the bonus of seeing how all her work might have translated into a live performance. We feel as if we've been robbed of something here.

After her music video for "Sparks" -- a failed experiment that saw Hilary using Tinder as the world's most transparent promotional tool -- was so poorly received that fans pleaded for a new version until they eventually got their way, we prayed that Hilary's next video would try a little harder to elevate her to the status of greatness that she truly deserves. But since this one isn't an official music video, we'll let it pass. For now.

Check out the behind-the-scenes look in "My Kind" above.

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