One Direction's Louis Tomlinson will soon be responsible for an actual human person and his baby mama, LA-based stylist Briana Jungwirth, has reportedly left her house to get away from all the drama -- at least for now.

According to PEOPLE, a friend of Briana's told the publication, "Briana is staying away from home for the moment; she's a private girl – she doesn't even have any social media. Everyone's hoping she can have a smooth pregnancy in peace. That's the most important thing for everyone right now."

One Direction fans sure are a vocal and sometimes scary bunch, and as soon as anyone finds out where Briana lives things are bound to take a turn for the invasive, so we understand her reason for fleeing. Stress is no good for a baby, anyway.

Fans have expressed their amusement, shock and sadness that Louis will soon father a child on various social media sites, though quite a few refuse to believe the rumors entirely. Many of these same fans take to Tumblr and Twitter to write entire dissertations on their unfounded belief that Harry and Louis have been embroiled in a secret relationship over the past five years, often finding "clues" in even the most inane details. But introduce a pregnant woman who is not carrying Harry and Louis' surrogate baby into the mix, and suddenly no proof will ever be enough.

Godspeed, Briana! May you find the peace you so desire, and hold onto it for however long you can.

Louis (and all of One Direction for that matter) has yet to comment on his alleged paternity, but One Direction's first show since the baby announcement is tonight (July 15). We expect that a vast array of inappropriate fan signs referencing the news will make a solid appearance.

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