Amanda Bynes is now famous for wanting rappers to do damage to her genitalia, wandering around aimlessly, and having serious workout moves. But before that, she was famous for being funny.

And it started early.

A video of a 10-year-old Bynes, introduced as "Amanda Burns," has surfaced.

In it, Bynes bounds and bounces to the stage and deadpans, "Maybe I shouldn't have had that thirteenth candy bar." She delivers lines beautifully on topics ranging from hyperactivity to school to other 10-year-old kid topics.

Even though the subject matter may not be hilarious to adults, her comedic timing is undeniable.

It's a bit tragic to watch, knowing she was pretty much a prodigy and is now, well, getting haircuts and extensions every two days, taking topless selfies in public bathrooms and coercing Drake over Twitter to have sex with her.

Wait, it just occurred to us -- maybe she's just doing a great piece of elaborate living performance art. Maybe Amanda Bynes is imitating Rihanna!

We're on to you, girl.