We so want to find Allison Williams interesting and cool. She's the pretty daughter of news anchor Brian Williams (whom we love) and also a cast member on the HBO show 'Girls' (which we don't always love but which is The Hot Thing right now), so we're trying really really hard to find a spark.

But we may have to wash our hands of her -- because anyone who can't make a story about nude men sprawled on her compelling may be beyond help.

Last night (Feb. 13) on Craig Ferguson's late-night show, Williams first talked about whale baleen, which she was under the impression her dress was made of. In addition to baleen being one of the “important things of today,” it's part of “organic chemistry” and whales use them to “filter kelp.”

Okay, smart points there, even if it was oddly out-of-place.

Then she discussed her role as Marnie on 'Girls,' explaining how “it’s fundamentally bizarre to think back on what your day entailed and just to think there was a naked gentleman lying on my back for six hours, it’s very weird, and then to go get sushi after that is very bizarre.”

Well, yes. That is bizarre. And yet even after all that, Ferguson was still the best part of the interview. But since we love him, maybe she just paled in comparison.