In a recent interview, a very gentlemanly and big-brotherly Adam Levine came to the defense of his fellow ‘The Voice’ coach (and wearer of inexplicable things) Christina Aguilera.

The takeaways: He’s not a fan of people slagging her for her figure. He’s not a fan of rumors that they’re in the midst of a feud.

He is, however, a fan of hers.

Along with Cee Lo Green, the pair sat down for the Q&A last week, and while they argue frequently on their show, they were definitely on the same team for the chat -- where it became abundantly clear that Levine has Aguilera’s increasingly curvy back.

When asked about the flak she’s been getting for her fluctuating weight, Levine said eloquently, “People shouldn’t say those kinds of things because, f**k you.”

Hold on. It got better.

He also said, “The one thing about the culture right now – celebrity culture particularly – that is so ugly is people feel like they can just say nasty things about other people ... she gets a lot of it. It pisses me off. Of course I have her back. Of course I defend her.”

For Christina, Levine is like the big brother she never had -- or maybe did have but we don’t know about because he’s not out there trying to suck media focus from her. Either way, Adam laid to rest any gossip that he and Xtina are in some sort of fight by adding that the two squabble like siblings are supposed to.

According to the Maroon 5 frontman, “The fights that everyone thought we were having were fictional. They were silly bickering things that a brother and sister would do. It’s not nearly what everybody thought. We’re all good, Christina and I.”

Whatever. We'll believe it when we see him deliver the noogies and wedgies we used to get from our big brothers.

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