'American Idol' is getting desperate for ratings, and they've already cleaned house at the judges' table. To salvage the show, they're looking for fresh blood -- fresh and familiar blood.

Producers are reportedly considering 'Idol' alums Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson to judge season 13. And we think it's kind of a bang-up idea.

Vulture reports that Hudson and Clarkson, who judged summer struggling series 'Duets' on ABC, have reportedly already been approached to join the panel. Lambert has previously expressed interest in signing up as well, but no talks have been set up for him -- yet.

'Idol' may be considering an all-alumni panel to stick it to its now-higher rated competitor, 'The Voice,' which has yet to produce a successful contestant or winner. In contrast, Lambert has wowed audiences worldwide and filled in for Freddie Mercury, Clarkson has recorded the best breakup anthems ever, and J-Hud has an Oscar -- so if nothing else, it would prove that 'Idol' does, in fact, have a damned impressive list of graduates.

Clay Aiken was also in the running, but it seems that didn't work out. Sorry, Claymates. (Might we interest you in a seat on the Glambert train?)

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