With whispers that the entire 'American Idol' panel is set to be axed for Season 13, rampant speculation has begun about who should take over to save the sinking ship that is the 'Idol' ratings.

One such person who'd like one of the vacant slots? Our imaginary bestie Adam Lambert.

Lambert was back on the 'Idol' set to perform alongside former contestant Angie Miller when he was asked if he'd consider filling a judge's chair.

The charismatic singer responded, "Dude, if they called me I'd be like, 'YEAH! … Where do I sign?' … It would be a cool opportunity to help people coming into the show and help them keep their vision focused because it does become very overwhelming."

"To help them reach their dreams, that would be such a reward," he concluded.

Those sentiments echoed the ones he gave the Hollywood Reporter, which asked the same "would you become a judge?" question earlier that night.

So it's clear Adam would love a panelist gig on 'Idol,' and if the producers are smart, they'll let him have it -- not only to mark history (it would be the first time that an 'Idol' contestant has ever become a judge) but because he'd be good at it. The guy has a famously huge heart, so we have no doubt he'd be a compassionate -- but honest -- judge.

Also ... man oh man, have you seen how much Adam's fans adore him? Put him on the air every week and watch those ratings go through the roof.

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