Adam Lambert shared a short video of himself slaying the opening to Rihanna's ballad 'Stay,' which she performed at the 2013 Grammys as a lullaby to everyone not willing to admit the Monday dragon was on its way.

When asked the purpose for the short video, which Lambert put on the new social media site Keek, he gave the cryptic reply, "It was a preview! It was rehearsal. More to come!"

Adam's known for covering songs and often making them sound better than the original. (If you haven't heard his version of Tears for Fears' 'Mad World,' you must. Go. We'll wait.)

But back to Rihanna's performance. Adam touted it as the "best she's ever sounded!! Wow. Full of such beautiful and haunting emotion.”

Duet that immediately! Also thanks for kind of explaining the purpose of Keek. We still might not get the need for a short video sharing service, but at least now we know what it's there for.