On Tuesday night (May 28), 'The Voice' mentor Adam Levine saw two of his team's contestants voted off the show by viewers, causing him to mutter "I hate this country" -- something that caused a major ish-storm when it was picked up by microphones.

In response to this, former 'American Idol' contestant (and current judge hopeful) Adam Lambert -- whose name is often confused with Levine's -- had a little fun with the controversy.

Of course Levine was just voicing his frustration with the way viewers voted, not the entire country, but because it doesn't take much to offend some people, he's had to engage in a public tour of contrition to appease those who called for his firing from 'The Voice.' Some even hilariously wanted him deported (which, you know, isn't an option for an American citizen like Levine).

As Levine told Us Weekly, "I obviously love my country very much and my comments were made purely out of frustration [and] personal dissatisfaction with the [voting] results." He also wrote a whole series of tweets to school the humorless and the too-literal.

The day after Levine uttered those infamous words, the always-mischievous Lambert poked fun at the constant confusion between them and wrote:

Some of his followers were confused by the seemingly out-of-the-blue proclamation, but others knew exactly where it came from:

So hey, congrats Adam Levine -- deserved or not, you will forever be known as the "America-hating" Adam L.

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