Who doesn't love a good GIF? Communists, that's who.

We've compiled the best GIFs from the 2013 Grammy Awards. From audience participation to dresses that were ripped from 'The Hunger Games,' this year's Grammy GIFs had it all.

Chris Brown showing the world just what a jerk he is? We have that too.

Ellen DeGeneres and Beyonce gleefully introduce Justin Timberlake with their crazy eyes.


Chris Brown refuses to stand up when Frank Ocean beats him out of an award.


fun. thanks Jay-Z during their acceptance speech and he replies in kind.


Carrie Underwood obviously used Cinna from 'The Hunger Games' as her stylist.


Neil Patrick Harris and Adele sing along/get down to the night's Bob Marley tribute.


Taylor Swift does her "boom goes the dynamite" dance.


Prince and his bejeweled cane swagger out for the enjoyment of the world.


LL Cool J and Chuck D end the night in a blaze of glory.