It's already been a year since saucer-eyed 'New Girl' star Zooey Deschanel and Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard filed for divorce -- and according to papers dated Dec. 12, the hipster duo are now officially kaput.

"Unhappy and irreconcilable differences have arisen between the parties, which have caused the irremediable breakdown of their marriage,” the papers cite for the dissolution of the two-year union. And since they had no children and both parties waived spousal support, the marriage was apparently pretty easy to dispatch.

The couple has been decidedly mum on their split, but Deschanel was quoted once as saying, "We're friendly. It's all fine."

Wow, a celebrity couple is still friendly post-divorce. Insert trumpets and fanfare here (and maybe tell Kelsey Grammer -- despite a whole lot of experience, he still doesn't handle divorces very well).

When Deschanel and Gibbard were married back in 2009, Gibbard recalled the first time he met his future wife: "I was just awestruck that she was even talking to me. I'd seen her movies and obviously I thought she was very beautiful."

This is of course in direct contrast to the soul-sucking Monster of Quirk he now sees when he accidentally flips past 'New Girl' on Tuesdays.

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