If you grew up in the late '80s and early '90s, you were undoubtedly familiar with Fred Savage, the star of 'The Wonder Years,' but where is this former teen heartthrob now?


Fred Savage led the cast of 'The Wonder Years,' a coming of age show set in the '60s suburbs -- young men identified with him and young women had serious crushes on him.

Savage enjoyed great success as a child actor, starring in 'The Princess Bride,' 'Little Monsters,' 'The Wizard,' and guest starring on his brother Ben Savage's show,'Boy Meets World.' Later on, he continued to act a little, popping up in 'Austin Powers in Goldmember,' 'The Rules of Attraction' and 'Mooseport.'


Fred Savage 2013
Jason Merritt, Getty Images

These days, Fred Savage is doing a lot more directing than he is acting, though he has lent his voice to animated TV shows like 'Kim Possible' and 'Generator Rex.'

Mostly, though, he's been behind the camera, directing episodes of shows like '2 Broke Girls,' 'Party Down,' 'Modern Family,' and 'Happy Endings.' He has a couple of TV movies planned for release this year -- 'The McCarthys' and 'Jacked Up' -- and hopefully will be making the switch to directing feature films soon.

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