'X Factor' judge and creator Simon Cowell is currently in the midst of a scandal, and it's all because he impregnated the wife of his friend, who is keeping the baby and naming the rage-filled Brit in their divorce.

Which isn't sitting well with him for multiple reasons, including that he was pretty sure she was using birth control.

Now Cowell wants their divorce to be over and done with while his baby mama Lauren Silverman (who Cowell's exes rightfully warned him to stay away from) is struggling to explain that her hubby was cool with the whole thing.

Lauren and her husband Andrew Silverman are currently in the midst of a divorce, which TMZ is reporting that Cowell wants settled to keep his name from getting raked through the mud even further.

He has even convinced Lauren that because of her prenup, she'll get very little cash, so she should settle things her way. She wants to make him happy so she's allegedly testing the waters with Cowell, but at the same time doesn't want to lose custody of her 7-year-old son if she settles things without a fight.

Meanwhile, sources close to Lauren say she is arguing that her husband knew about she and Simon the whole time, with the duo talking on the phone and even visiting one another in England.

Her lawyer would later claim that "many of the statements are simply inaccurate," albeit not saying which statements those were.

Unfortunately for Cowell, he didn't take the advice of ex-girlfriends like Sinitta, Jackie St. Clair and Terri Seymour, who were "worried" his relationship with Lauren would take a hard left turn.

"Simon was warned -- on multiple occasions -- that he needed to be careful. Everyone was aware that they were hooking up and that Lauren was married," a source revealed to Radar Online, who further intimated that the women "were concerned about [Lauren's] motives and intentions."

Since the whole debacle, Lauren's mother has come to her daughter's aid to explain that she's not a "gold digger" and is truly in love with Cowell.

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