When news broke yesterday that cranky reality show judge Simon Cowell is expecting his first child at the age of 53 -- and that his baby mama is a pal's estranged wife, no less -- the entirety of the internet gasped in surprise (and, okay, maybe a little horror).

And while the 'American Idol' and 'X Factor' mogul hasn't said anything publicly yet, plenty of supposed insiders are talking.

Cowell allegedly knocked up 36-year-old socialite Lauren Silverman about 10 weeks ago, and sources say they've been seeing each other for a while. What makes it super awkward, though, is that Cowell is (or, we're guessing, was) friends with Silverman's husband, Andrew.

The Silvermans are in the middle of what some say could be a really nasty divorce, but an insider told PEOPLE that's not just because of the Simon situation.

"It wasn't like they were blissfully in love at the time," the source said. "She was definitely unhappy in her marriage and it's been a while that the marriage was not great. Andrew is a very nice guy but all marriages don't last."

All marriages don't involve the husband's friends getting the wife preggers either. Most guys will tell you that's kind of a deal-breaker.

Still, while she's reportedly "ecstatic to be with Simon," he may not return her feelings. “The pregnancy has taken him by surprise. He assumed she was using birth control,” a source close to Cowell told the NY Daily News. “He is feeling tricked."

Rookie move, dude. You know better.

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