Today (July 3) was filled with randomness in the world of celebrity Twitter. Some were stuck on games, marred their own faces, pretended to work at K-mart, gave strangers money and handed out wisdom for our weekend. All were amusing and appreciated.

Uh oh. It seems that someone has a gaming problem. We feel a new season of ‘Celebrity Rehab’ starring Yvette Brown coming on.

Poor Olivia Wilde has suffered for her art.

Did David Spade get a job at K-Mart?

Zane Lamprey has a point. Did they wait for party weather on purpose?

Rainn Wilson’s Soul Pancake inspired us with this video about reverse pickpocketing.

Just try reading this sweetly insightful Dolly Parton tweet without hearing her cute accent.

Wyclef Jean is always dropping some wisdom on our Twitter feed. This bit should carry you through the weekend.

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