Jon Hamm

10 Facts You Might Not Know About 'Mad Men'
Mad Men will close the doors of Sterling-Cooper for good in just a few weeks' time, but did you know that the Emmy-winning AMC prestige drama was written in 1999, and rejected everywhere until 2006? Or that an episode paid a cool $250K for a single Beatles song? These are just some of the Mad m…
Jon Hamms It Up
Something tells us not a lot of children in the 'Sesame Street' age demographic watch Jon Hamm on 'Mad Men' or understand why he's a particularly fine specimen of manhood. Regardless, the actor went onto the kids' show and joined Elmo to teach the word of the day: sculp…
Jockeys for Jon
There are a few weirdos on the planet who want Jon Hamm to start wearing underwear (because they don't want the rest of us to be happy, obvs).
The 'Mad Men' star can probably afford all the skivvies he wants -- but since his jock is in the forefront of our minds and the forefront …
Hamming It Up
Jon Hamm is perfect, and he's perfect in every imaginable way: His biggest fault is his big, uh, 'Mad Man.'
But people talking about it? That makes him, well, mad. (Sorry, baby!)
Put It Away, Bro
Further solidifying the notion that Jon Hamm is perfection personified, he's also packing quite a package -- to the point that AMC is all, "Hey bro, can you maybe tuck that somewhere?"