Something tells us not a lot of children in the 'Sesame Street' age demographic watch Jon Hamm on 'Mad Men' or understand why he's a particularly fine specimen of manhood. Regardless, the actor went onto the kids' show and joined Elmo to teach the word of the day: sculpture.

As in, "Doesn't that sculpture of Michelangelo's David remind you of Jon Hamm?"

The video is basically an adorable interplay between the high-voiced Elmo, who's making a sculpture, and Hamm, who grows increasingly frantic as he tries to locate different types of sculptures to distract the audience while his Muppet friend chisels away.

As expected, he hams up (AREN'T WE CLEVER?) the learning experience as each sculpture he finds is heavier and larger than the last -- until Elmo's masterpiece is finally revealed.

Check out the video above for all the adorbz.

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