Yes, Jon Hamm will be undergoing throat surgery soon -- but have no fear citizens, it's all a routine operation.

Who gets to bring him his ice cream while he's recovering? Because we totally volunteer as tribute.

As his rep explained to Radar Online, Hamm is "having a single polyp removed from his throat" which despite how serious it sounds is still a "routine outpatient procedure."

"In the past Jon has been terrified that if he has them removed, his vocal cords could be severely damaged," a source told the National Enquirer back when everyone just assumed the story was a fake, you know, because National Enquirer.

Added the source, "Jon has tried to deal with the pain, but over time, he started coughing more and more often, which only aggravated his condition and made his throat feel like it was raw."

Other stars who have undergone procedure to remove these throat "blisters" include Adele and John Mayer who also developed the polyps from an overuse of their voices. So no need to blame Jon Hamm's new scruff for the problem.

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