Bill Murray

The Best Celebrity Fan Art
Celebrity fan art. Let's be honest, most of the time it's painfully awful. But sometimes, sometimes it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. Unless it's of Nic Cage, then it seems to be physically impossible to make good fan art.
Boo Hoo
Lately, Bill Murray has been known more and more for his crazy antics than his iconic film roles -- antics like showing up at random house parties, pranking construction workers and riding around Europe on a golf cart.
Now he can add one more thing to his repertoire: making babies cry.
Comedy of Errors
In a recent interview, legendary 'SNL' star Bill Murray -- who's become known for his dramatic roles of late -- explained why he no longer does straight comedies.
Or, for that matter, anything not directed by Wes Anderson or co-starring Jason Schwartzman.