In a recent interview, legendary 'SNL' star Bill Murray -- who's become known for his dramatic roles of late -- explained why he no longer does straight comedies.

Or, for that matter, anything not directed by Wes Anderson or co-starring Jason Schwartzman.

While Murray had a hilarious cameo in the film 'Zombieland' and lent his voice to the 'Garfield' franchise (which he got roped into by mistake), we haven't seen him in many traditional comedies in recent years. And there's apparently a good reason why.

When GQ magazine asked about it, Murray went silent for a full 15 seconds before finally replying, "[Comedies now are] different. They're just different from what I used to do."

Read: Funny movies aren't funny anymore.

Murray's longtime friend, producer and writer Mitch Glazer, told GQ that Bill is approached by comedy directors all the time, but there simply aren't that many projects the actor feels are worthwhile. "I assume if he found them amusing," Glazer said, "he'd do them."

Insert a potshot at 'Ghostbusters 3' here.

That said, Bill hasn't sworn off comedies entirely, saying, "I know that if I ever feel that I need to make a funny movie, I'll figure out how to write one. I'll get it done. If I ever get some ambition, I'm gonna get some s--- done."

Murray's getting Oscar buzz right now for his role as FDR in 'Hyde Park on the Hudson,' but if you need him in the meantime, he just might pop up to crash your epic game of kickball or walk in slow motion with you.

Because that's how he rolls.

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