Lately, Bill Murray has been known more and more for his crazy antics than his iconic film roles -- antics like showing up at random house parties, pranking construction workers and riding around Europe on a golf cart.

Now he can add one more thing to his repertoire: making babies cry.

Popular Tumblr blog 'Reasons My Son Is Crying' hosts user-submitted photos of babies bawling with a terse explanation why, and a recent addition featured none other than the 'Caddyshack' star.

The photo shows Murray, decked out in an orange jacket and bucket hat (apparently on a golf course), imitating the baby's adorable cryface and giving the kid a story he'll never live down.

Where will Bill Murray turn up next?

No one knows for sure, of course, but we'd keep an eye out at Bat Mitzvahs and the stockroom of your local Shoe Carnival outlet.

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