As expected, Beyonce brought the house down during her Super Bowl 2013 halftime show.

Wearing black leather, fishnets, long gloves and knee-high boots, Queen Bey pretty much owned the stage from the moment she appeared until the final note she sang -- and few performers could've done so amid the myriad lights, smoke and digital mirrors that surrounded her.

She opened with a verse from ‘Love on Top’ before launching into ‘Crazy in Love,' ‘End of Time’ and ‘Baby Boy.’ And yes, the rumored Destiny's Child reunion took place when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams literally shot up onto the stage (with such force it was almost a wonder they stayed on their feet) and performed with Bey on ‘Bootylicious.'

They stuck around to provide an assist on ‘Single Ladies’ before departing, and then Bey -- after enough dancing to leave an Olympic athlete breathless and the rest of us face-down -- sang her ballad 'Halo' before shooting the camera a look that told us what we already know: She rocked it like a hurricane.

And speaking of such, the power outages suffered in the wake of Katrina revisited the Super Dome not long after Beyonce departed -- a few minutes into the third quarter of the game, the stadium went dark and stayed largely that way for about half an hour. Maybe even the electricity was exhausted and needed a break.