Proving he's a red blooded human being, Robert Redford feels the way the rest of us do about Paris Hilton: that she's useless, vapid and has no purpose being anywhere, much less his beloved Sundance Film Festival.

The screen legend let rip on the socialite, sex tape starlet, former jailbird and wonk-eyed celebutard during a red carpet interview, basically saying what we were all thinking when we heard that the 31-year-old was partying at the independent flick fest.

“She didn’t have anything to do with the films,” Redford griped to The National Enquirer (via Celebitchy). “What movie is she in? She and her hard-partying, swag-grabbing cohorts have made the festival not much fun. There are too many people who come to the festival to leverage their own self-interest.”

Hilton had hit up the festival with her 21-year-old model boyfriend to pick up free stuff, pose for pictures that no one wanted to take and then get white girl wasted. In fairness, we can't blame her -- if they keep letting her in, why not?

Still, a Sundance source says she's basically a freakshow attraction there.

“Paris doesn’t come to Sundance for the movies,” a festival insider said. “She’s here to pose, party and get stuff for free. This year was no different — she boozed it up, loaded up on gifts and went home richer than she came. Her 15 minutes of fame expired a long time ago, and we’re glad Robert Redford blasted her. She’s considered a joke here.”

If by "here" they mean "planet Earth," they're totally right.

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