- Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel sold their wedding photos for $300k, or what it would cost to send six students to a state college. Or give 15,000 people $20. There is no justice.[Jezebel]

- It's a banner day for nutty legal action -- in addition to the suit aimed at Justin Bieber, another claims Rihanna gave a fake Chris Brown very real herpes. That one we almost believe. [TMZ]

- In an effort to look smart and well-educated, Lindsay Lohan live-tweeted the presidential debate and tried to get other famous people to talk to her. “Teachers are the BEST!” [The Superficial]

- Robert Pattinson thinks that being sad about dogs dying is equivalent to watching war footage. Getting back together with KStew clearly hasn't improved his overall levels of mope. [TooFab]

- Proving maybe the Mayans were right, Avril Lavigne plans to sing a Nickelback cover song for an upcoming anime film. Let's do this apocalypse in an orderly fashion, women and children first. [PopCrush]

- 'Twilight' actor Kellan Lutz is set to make a cameo on '30 Rock' this Thursday. No word yet on whether he will be visiting his grand-uncle, a character named Lutz who once teased his relation to actor Kellan. This is canon. [Hypable]

- The 'Iron Man 3' trailer has its official debut in which Robert Downey Jr. is generally miserable and imitates a sled dog. [ScreenCrush]

- A scientist names a new species of fern after Lady Gaga because it was literally born with the DNA sequence GAGA. It also gets a deeper meaning than the golden-butted Beyonce horsefly. [Gothamist]

- The Kardashians' holiday line of nail polish “kolors” will be available this winter with such insipid names as “Here We Kome A-Karoling” and “Kardashing Through the Snow.” Kill me. Kwickly. [A Beauty Club]

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