When Al Roker couldn't speak due to a bout of laryngitis, the 'Today' show got their next best meteorologist to fill in: actress and apparent weather enthusiast Scarlett Johansson.

How hard could it be if men who call themselves Larry Sprinkle, Sam Champion, Johnny Mountain and Skip Waters do it on a regular basis?

The actress volunteered for the position 'Hunger Games'-style because, as she wryly pointed out, she “has a lot of experience with weather.” As pretty much all of us who live outside an iron lung do.

But since this is all it takes to read the weather off a teleprompter, Johansson was allowed to make her dream of doing the weather with Al Roker come true. Seriously. She literally said that. (Bonus: Her breasts can totally tell when it's already raining.)

So everyone bundled up, went outside, and ScarJo read the report off a piece of paper. She did a pretty good job, too, complete with game show-like hand motions at a map of the United States. Even if they were rather vague gestures rather than exactly where states are actually located.

But geography aside -- watch your back, Roker. Ratings are down at 'Today,' and Scarlett the Weather Girl could be the next network superhero.

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