If you didn’t know any better and you saw the latest pic of Scarlett Johansson on the interwebs, you might think she'd just gotten out of prison and been branded by the meanest, blindest bitch on her cellblock with a new tat while she was there.

You would, however, be completely wrong.

Scarlett didn’t let a far-sighted prison wench etch lame designs into her skin. No no, she had a famous French artist do that crappy-looking and likely very expensive permanent art.

The tattoo is a child-like drawing of a horseshoe with the words “Lucky You.” It was created by Fuzi UVTPK, a graffiti artist she loves who apparently makes a living drawing bad body art for people who make equally bad judgment calls.

"I like tattoos which have a story, a soul, I don't give a s--- if it's perfect or not," Fuzi once said. "I don't want a photo-copy on the arm made by an art school guy! A prison tattoo or an image made with only a needle in the garage of a stranger will have much more beauty for me."

So there's that.

In the sexy ScarJo's defense, it's better to have an ugly-ass tattoo than an ugly ass tattoo. But come on -- even we could've drawn something prettier that doesn't look like it belongs on a woman who spends her Saturday nights being traded for packs of cigarettes.

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