Passengers on a Dec. 12 flight between Oslo, Norway and New York City found takeoff delayed for an hour, but it wasn't because of mechanical issues.

Seems Sarah Jessica Parker's makeup artist Leslie Lopez may or may not have stolen a pair of designer sunglasses from an airport boutique, and authorities wouldn't let the plane leave until the matter was resolved.

Parker and her entourage were stopped by police in the Oslo airport when a shop owner made a claim that Lopez stole the sunglasses. Authorities allowed Lopez to pay a $1,400 fine on the spot, and then everyone was allowed to board the plane.

A source claims the shoplifting incident was merely a “mistake” and that Lopez only paid the fine so she could leave the country -- not as an admission of guilt.

That said, Lopez was also seen in another store looking at a tube of lipstick that later went missing, and the store has since filed a police report based on blurry security footage of the incident.

Parker was in Oslo to host a concert for the Nobel Peace Prize committee, and one of her reps initially said Lopez wasn't on the actress's payroll but was rather a Nobel employee.

But it's since come to light that Lopez has been Parker's personal makeup artist since 2005. The two even posed together in a friendly embrace for the cover of the Nov. 23 issue of the 'Hollywood Reporter.'

Needless to say, when TMZ's cameras caught up with SJP recently, she had no comment.

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