She might be famous for her role as hyper-sexualized journalist Carrie Bradshaw on 'Sex and the City,' but Sarah Jessica Parker won the hearts of America on Thursday by outsmarting television's smarmiest host, Billy Bush.

Not that it was a terribly difficult thing to do.

The actress showed up at 'Access Hollywood' in her “Viva Obama!” shirt, ready to talk politics and Women Decide 2012, a campaign aimed at urging women to vote in the Nov. 6 presidential election.

The loudmouthed Bush tried to “teach” Parker about GOP candidate Mitt Romney and, despite his attempts to stump her with easily-refutable statistics, he succeeded only in telling her what she already knew -- and got royally pwned by Parker's political knowledge in the process.

During the interview, Bush also tried to get her off-topic, using his blowsy persona to speak over her. Parker, however, was not easily swayed, and she talked even louder over his nonsensical jabbering to get her message out.

While she admitted that Romney's planned tax cuts for the rich would benefit her financially, she still plans to vote Obama because his policies support both equality and women's rights. More importantly, she's "concerned for the greater good of this country.”

However, if Romney wins, she has no plans of fleeing to Canada. Yes, this was a real question asked by Bush. (Insert facepalm here.)

That said, Parker said she would “feel enormous despair for the future of this country ... I am concerned about people in this country who've been trying to carve out a middle class existence,” specifically veterans, the elderly, and children living below the poverty line.

And when the interview was over, SJP went home and added "speaking truth to power" to her resume. She'd earned it.

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