Rihanna makes no secret that she's not a role model -- she says so herself all the time. But the hard-partying singer may be partying with hard substances as well.

A new video surfaced that led many members of the Bajan beauty's beloved Navy to worry that she's actually using cocaine.

In the grainy video, which appears to have been recorded with a cell phone, RiRi and some pals are getting "turnt up" at the Crop Over Festival in her native Barbados. She rocks a stunning silver and white body suit, sunglasses, a tiny veil and a blunt in her hand.

In the very beginning of the clip, Rihanna is seen extremely briefly rubbing her nose before the camera quickly cuts away. For all we know, she may have just had a really good sneeze or been licking a blunt (which the whole world knows she thoroughly enjoys).

In any case, Rih had a grand old time at the festivities, and she seems to be feeling OK, per her Twitter, so we're willing to guess that maybe she was just rubbing her nose because it's something that people do.

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