There won't be any second (or third, fourth or fifth) helpings of Rihanna's birthday cake (cake cake cake cake cake) for Chris Brown.

The pair recently split again, and this time pals say it's going to finally stick.

A source close to Rihanna explained her situation using enough b-words to make the American Kennel Club blush. "She's tired of this back and forth s--- [with Chris]," the insider told Hollywood Life. "A b---- wants someone that’s going to be down for her and respect her. She just need to be about her tour and not worry about that fool. She'll be all right. She's the most eligible b---- in town."

The source continued, "If someone comes across her path, and they’re both feeling it, then she’d make a move. But my b---- isn't searching for anybody. She’s not thirsty, that's all."

Someone who may be a bit parched? Poor Karrueche Tran, who already took Breezy right back.