Chris Brown and Rihanna break up and get back together every six minutes, which is to be expected from a healthy relationship based on mutual respect and the occasional assault.

The on-again-off-again couple are back on -- for now -- as evidenced by Rihanna's prolific Instagram account.

The 'Diamonds' singer posted the above image yesterday with the caption, "This s--- look like a toupee."

Welcome to the world of weave.

In any case, sources told Us Weekly that the pair never really split, but that they've been fighting a whole lot for the past few weeks, which isn't unusual for them.

"Every second it's a blow-up and then full on in love," an insider said, adding that the couple's hectic schedules are likely to blame for their issues (as though there aren't plenty more where that came from). "She's touring and working her ass off, and he's working his off in the studio."

Synchronize your watches. The next breakup is imminent in 10 ... 9 ... 8 ...