When you’re a celebrity, it’s good to have someone around who can get you the things you want when you want them. (Of course, we mean innocent things like only brown M&Ms and your favorite brand of mineral water.)

But if you’re one of many celebrities -- Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Zayn Malik of One Direction, to name of few -- who are “clients” of a man by the name of Leon “Starino” Anderson, you may also be able to get the hook up on other requests. Like, you know, hookers and blow.

We're not saying anyone actually requested those things, but we are saying that UK tabloid The Sun has uncovered this dude as a drug dealer, among other freelance businesses.

In any given paparazzi snapshot, Anderson can be spotted in the orbit of stars like Rihanna, Bieber and Malik, as well as Diddy, Chris Brown, Nicole Scherzinger and supermodel Cara Delevigne. According to him:

“I’m their right-hand man. When they’re in London and want to go out, I arrange everything from restaurants and clubs to anything else they want.”

It's the "anything else" part The Sun wanted to explore, so it set up a sting and exposed Anderson as a drug dealer -- something he’s not exactly shy about. He told the tabloid’s undercover reporters:

“It’s part of my service ... I have to be able to (get drugs). I have the biggest clients in the world.”

The Sun -- and Anderson himself -- claim drugs aren’t the only “anything” he can arrange for celebs, either. He’s also got the connections to hook his “good friends” up with prostitutes.

As he bragged to reporters:

“I have got the best girls in the world working for me. So if you want to f--- some of the best girls in London, I can arrange it. I can also take you to a top lap dancing club which is discreet, nobody will give you trouble. I take some of my clients.”

Among the stars we mentioned earlier, Justin Bieber was the only one Anderson mentioned by name in the undercover tapes:

“He was hard work. He likes to party and he likes his girls. In the end it got too much. He wanted me to go everywhere with him and carry Class A [that’s the hard stuff like cocaine and heroin] for him and I thought, ‘I ain’t going to jail for no one.’”

Anderson didn’t get specific about what he provided any of his other headline-worthy customers, but it does seem pretty clear from his own proud proclamations why one would want to have this “Starino” around.

The Sun has turned all its findings over to the authorities in London, which means celebrities visiting that city may want to find someone else to execute their "special requests" from now on.

Maybe someone who isn’t quite so susceptible to bragging to undercover tabloid reporters.